Each George Kelly ring is a unique design that is fashioned by hand. The design process not only involves creating the piece's visual appeal, but also constructing it carefully for a comfortable and natural fit. If you see a ring you especially like, we will be happy to discuss it with you, as well as how we might customize it with other gems or metals.

Where ever you are, George Kelly can handcraft a special piece just for you. Needless to say, I now have my own collection of George Kelly fine jewelry. George Kelly is my first destination when visiting Sedona each year.

- Larry, Delaware

Prices and product availability are subject to change

GKP248 – 18K Yellow/18K White/ 3 ct Spessartite 

GKP290 – Sterling/18K Yellow/11mm Tahitian Pearl/Diamond 

GKP119 - 18K Yellow -

GKP295 – Sterling/18K Yellow/8.5mm Tahitian Pearl/6.5mm Dyed Akoya Pearl 

GKP318 - Sterling/18K Yellow/ .09 Diamond 

GKP156 – 18K Yellow/14K White


GKP294 – Sterling/18K Pink/ Pink Tourmaline 

GKP345 - Sterling/14K Pink/12mm Pink Fresh Water Pearl 

GKP343 - Sterling/14K Pink/12mm Tahitian Pearl

GKP341 -
Sterling/14K Yellow

GKP163 - 18K Yellow/18K White/ .68ctw Diamond

GKP312 - Sterling & 18K Yellow/ 12mm Tahitian Pearl/Rhodolite Garnet

GKP338 - Reticulated Silver/14K Pink & 18K White/.17ct Diamond/ Reversible Antique Watch Face/1.49 Tanzanite

GKP282 - Sterling 18K Yellow & Platinum/.76ct Ruby/.05ctw Diamond

GKP214 - 18K Yellow/Chalcedony/ Amethyst

GKP330 - 14K Pink/Turquoise/Roman Bronze Arrowhead 


GKP203 - 18k Yellow/18K White/.15mm South Sea Pearl/Diamond 

GKP115 –18K Yellow/.71ct Diamond 

GKP251 – 18K Yellow/Platinum/ 12mm South Sea Pearl

GKP147 - 18K Yellow/
18K White 

GKP323 - 14K Pink/14K White/.15ct Diamond 

GKP227 – 18K Pink/16mm South Sea Pearl 

GKP340 - 14K Yellow/14K White/ Turquoise 

GKP290 - Sterling/18K Yellow/.15ct Diamond/11mm Tahitian Pearl

GKP344 - Sterling/14K Pink/12mm Pink Fresh Water Pearl 

GKP342 - 18K Yellow/14K White/ Palladium/.28ctw Diamond/12mm Tahitian Pearl 

GKP309 - 18K Yellow/18K White/ Turquoise 

GKP178 18K Yellow & 18K White / 15.58ct Blue Topaz 

GKP338 - Reticulated Silver/14K Pink & 18K White/.17ct Diamond/ Reversible Antique Watch Face/1.49 Tanzanite 

GKP303 - Sterling & 18K Pink/1.50ct Green Tourmaline/.15ct Diamond 

GKP263 - 18K Yellow/Kingman Turquoise/Pink Tourmaline