The creative process

Where does the artistry come from, the inner prompts? For George Preschler, many places. The industrial magic seen in sci-fi films, studying the flight of a bird, stunning architectural forms… really anywhere.

Sketchbook close by, George immediately begins to put concept to paper. Gifted at seeing in 3-D and envisioning the final outcome, the process to get there is often a many-stepped engineering dance.

For the owner of a George Kelly piece that means that its foundation will be well engineered. And most assuredly the design will radiate a contemporary look and feel and a simple elegance. Simple, when it comes to his jewelry design, ultimately takes form through many complex considerations and approaches.

Decisions about ring designs involves many steps, choosing the right metals to use to set off the precious stones, how the stones should be cut and seated, how will the ring feel… there is always a blending of the intuitive and the creative. For pendants it might be selecting the right length and thickness of chic industrial wire so that the stone lies perfectly in balance upon the wearer's body.

George will tell you that he designs jewelry to sell. But each piece is so customized he often doesn't remember the complexity of what went into it. When he designs, and it's all about the design, he is in the zone. The zone is where pure inspiration occurs. And fortunately for his customers what he produces is both imaginative and functionally beautiful.


Photo-Creative Process-4